If you need a hard drive destroyed completely and irretrievably, Rapid IT Recycling can help. Our hard drive destruction service is secure, efficient, and reliable. It allows you to upgrade or replace your computing equipment safe in the knowledge that no personal, business, or sensitive information can be recovered from your hard drive.
How Does It Work?

When Delete Doesn't Mean Delete

The delete functions that you have on your computer (the delete key on your keyboard, the option to empty your recycle bin, etc.) do not fully remove your files, folders, and personal information. A person with the right skills and equipment can recover all or part of your information if they have your hard drive. Data can even be extracted from a damaged hard drive, too. The only way you can be 100 percent sure that your information is removed from the hard drive completely is by getting it destroyed.

"The whole process, from start to finish, of organising for our obsolete items to be collected was totally painless. I would highly recommend this service."

Clare Horton, Freshfield PR Limited

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